Bionics members giving lectures @ EUROMAT23


BIONICS Group by IRDL – Biomimicry for Innovative Composite Materials members -PL. Pichard and M. Grabow- attended the EUROMAT23 on the Westend campus of Goethe University Frankfurt as well as online.

Great talks by PhD Pierre-Louis Pichard (Additively manufactured bioinspired architectured composite materials for high-velocity impact shielding applications on the lunar surface, Pichard, P.-L. (Speaker)¹; Mahéo, L.¹; Dirrenberger, J.²; Lafont, U.³; Le Duigou, A.¹ from ¹Université de Bretagne Sud, Lorient (France); ²ENSAM, Paris (France); ³European Space Agency, Noordwijk (Netherlands))
and Dr Monia Grabow (Biomimetics and 4D printing: Morphing of high performance composites for spatial applications, Grabow, M. (Speaker)¹; Castro, M.¹; Dirrenberger, J.²; Labastie, K.³; Lafont, U.⁴; Scarpa, F.⁵; le Duigou, A.¹ from ¹Université Bretagne Sud, Lorient (France); ²PIMM, Paris (France); ³IRT Saint Exupéry, Toulouse (France); ⁴ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk (Netherlands); ⁵Bristol Composite Institut)

Many thanks to European Space Agency – ESA (and Ugo Lafont, Dr.) for financial supports as well as IRT AESE – Saint Exupéry and Carnot-ARTS networks.

#4Dprinting #Biomimicry

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