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  • Ping Cheng, Yong Peng, Kui Wang, Antoine Le Duigou, Song Yao, Chao Chen, Quasi-static penetration property of 3D printed woven-like ramie fiber reinforced biocompositesComposite Structures, Volume 303, 2023, 116313, ISSN 0263-8223,
  • Le Duigou, A.; Grabow, M.; Castro, M.; Toumi, R.; Ueda, M.; Matsuzaki, R.; Hirano, Y.; Dirrenberger, J.; Scarpa, F.; D’Elia, R.; Labstie, K.; Lafont, U. Thermomechanical performance of continuous carbon fibre composite materials produced by a modified 3D printer. Heliyon 2023.