Parution – Techniques de L’ingénieur – BM7922 V1

Impression 3D/4D de matériaux composites thermoplastiques - Réf. : BM7922 V1

Available ONLINE – Impression 3D/4D de matériaux composites thermoplastiques – BM7922 – Les Techniques de l’ingénieur

par Antoine LE DUIGOU, Guillaume CHABAUD, Mickaël CASTRO 

Abstract 3D printing of fiber reinforced thermoplastic matrices (discontinuous and continuous) aims at compensating for the moderate mechanical performance of parts printed from pure polymer. This article presents an overview of the technology of Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) of composites, which should allow to widen the fields of application (aeronautics, offshore racing …). It then introduces 4D printing, which allows the development of smart materials (sensors or actuators) and to consider complex architectural structures that can be stimulated by various stimuli (humidity, electricity, temperature, pressure …).

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