Bionics group Researchers at Pint of Science !


Excellent opportunity last night to share and exchange around the theme “First contacts between science and fiction”, as part of the festival Pint of Science. Melvin Josselin and Pierre-Louis Pichard presented the complementary contributions of bioinspiration and additive manufacturing in their research work 🔬; respectively the development of autonomous solar trackers 🌻, and the design of materials with high energy dissipation capability for protection against meteoroid impacts 🌠.

Thanks Lata Soccalingame for the organisation, Margot Chalard and Coralie Buffet for the entertainment of the evening, Jingand Alexia for the very interesting presentation on the lessons that can be drawn from science-fiction languages on our own language, and the audience for the enriching discussions.

Picture credits: Lise Dugor
Author: P-L Pichard

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