Available online !! New paper related to 3D Printing of continuous fibers ! Check this out !


Available online !
Thomas Fruleux, Mickaël Castro, David Correa, Kui Wang, Ryosuke Matsuzaki, Antoine Le Duigou, Geometric limitations of 3D printed continuous flax-fiber reinforced biocomposites cellular lattice structures, Composites Part C: Open Access, Volume 9, 2022, 100313, ISSN 2666-6820, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jcomc.2022.100313.

• 3D-printing of biocomposites using continuous natural fiber composites is emerging.
• Difference between the programmed and actual trajectories of pure PLA, short flax fiber biocomposite (FF/PLA) and continuous flax fiber/PLA biocomposites is investigated.


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