Bionics members presenting at ECCM21 in Nantes


🌟 Proud Moment for Our Team! 🌟

Thrilled to announce that our team delivered an outstanding presentation of our research results at ECCM21 in Nantes ! 🎤📊
The dedication, hard work, and expertise of every team member truly shone through. The positive feedback we received is a testament to the quality and impact of our research. A big thank you to everyone involved for their commitment and collaboration.
Melvin Josselin gave a talk entitled “4D-printing of continuous flax fibre (cFF) reinforced biocomposites: toward tubular hygro-sensitive actuators”
Pierre-Louis Pichard delivered a lecture about his “Highly energy dissipative 3D-printed composite panel inspired by the lobster shells for applications on the lunar surface
and Jean-Baptiste Ledru proudly defended his work during the poster session “Structural actuation of 4D printed hygromorph biocomposites”

Congratulations to them! Let’s keep the momentum going and continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible! 🚀💡

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