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In the framework of the 2 projects in collaboration with the European Space Agency – ESA, Dr Antoine Le Duigou presented the work of the Bionics group, accompanied by Dr Monia Gabow and PhD Pierre-Louis Pichard (MoonComp project) and Dr Mickael Castro. Very interesting meetings and discussions with Dr Ugo Lafont – Space Materials & Technology Specialist and Ricardo Rampini – Head of the Materials’ Physics & Chemistry Section.  The visit of the laboratories and equipments allowed to notice the high quality of the facilities.

Discussions continued with the Advanced Concept Team of ESA (ACT), Léopold Summerer – Head, Advanced Concepts and Studies Office and Chris Broeckhoven – post-doctoral researcher. Chris gave us a brief overview of his approach to biomimetics and more precisely an evolution-based approach, named evomimetics, and also some words on his work on Namib Desert Beetles ! Fascinating!


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Research work

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