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🔬 Delighted to share a groundbreaking scientific article by Melvin Josselin that has just been published! 📚 This insightful research is now available as an OPEN ACCESS resource, accessible to everyone. 🌐

🔍 Brief Overview: Hygromorph BioComposites (HBC) exhibit shape-changing actuated by a moisture content (MC) variation due to their bilayered bioinspired architecture. However, their application in daily meteorologic variation is limited due to relative humidity (RH) and thermal couplings. This work aims to investigate the role of temperature variation on the shape changing of 4D printed continuous flax fibres reinforced HBC so that ThermoHygromorph BioComposites (THBC) are introduced. The responsiveness of the THBC is governed by the MC of the material and the stiffness ratio between the passive and active layer, which are both thermally dependant. An increase in temperature strongly reduces the actuation amplitude while the actuation kinetics is strongly fastened. A 4D-printed HBC structure is designed and submitted to a practical outdoor environmental loading, to understand the impact of daily RH and temperature variations on THBC actuation.

Josselin, M., Di Cesare, N., Castro, M., Colinart, T., Scarpa, F., & Le Duigou, A. (2024). Hygro-thermal coupling on 4D-printed biocomposites as key for meteosensitive shape-changing materials. Virtual and Physical Prototyping, 19(1).

The authors wish to acknowledge AID/DSTL (FR/UK) bilateral Grant No. 65 0040.

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