Bionics Groups Research Seminar featuring Pr. Masahito Ueda

Research work

It was a real pleasure to welcome Professor Masahito Ueda in Lorient – IRDL – Bionics Group. After a conference in front of our ECPC and Marine Engineering master students, we were able to discuss the research areas of our team. The presentations of our PhDs and the interactions were numerous and of high quality. We look forward to repeating the experience in Lorient – IRDL!

Bio:Associate Professor Masahito Ueda received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in 2006 from Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan). Since then, he has been working in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Science and Technology, Nihon University (Japan). His current research activities include micro-mechanics, joining, and 3D printing of polymer matrix composites. He is a board member of the Japan Society for Composite Materials and the chief editor of the Journal of the Japan Society for Composite Materials.
His profile on Google Scholar:

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